Epic Mega King Gods of Total Annihilation

by Super Huge Tough Lords

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After I accidentally created the universe by shitting, pissing and cumming all at the same time, I figured the humans who inhabited said universe needed to know how much better than them I was. So I built a guitar out of dust and Grezlitonium (an element I also just invented) , downtuned it with my boner and burped out some tunes in between beers. I also bought an awesome car. So fuck you.


released June 5, 2009

Sir Winston Ultracock - everything



all rights reserved


Sodomy Squad Bundaberg, Australia

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Track Name: I'm Fucking Huge
Holy fucking shit I’m fucking huge!!

My beard could eat your beard for breakfast
I can bench press your smelly, ugly face
With my cock
While my sperm beat up your ugly sisters’ ovaries
The only reason I fucked her was to annoy you
With my cock

I once picked up a cow
And threw it into the sun
Punched a hole through Ayres rock
I eat bricks just for fun

I drink liquid asbestos
Floss with an oxy torch
My blood is made of razors
I killed off the dinosaurs
Track Name: I Fucked a Belt Sander
My dick is made of calluses’
My cum is made of acid
Even after my 13th load
I still cant go flaccid

When it need to wank
I go the two hander
When I need to fuck
I fuck a belt sander

After my session
I leave the ceiling sticky
Its hard to drive a car
With a 10 foot stiffy
Track Name: Consensual Sex in the Missionary Position
I have raped so much
It has become the norm
Always raping all the time
I’m starting to get bored

We walk in the gentle breeze
Under the orange autumn trees
Holding hands romantically
Look in your eyes and sigh deeply
Sit down now upon my knee
I hold a flower in my teeth
Indulge my boring fantasy
Consensual sex in missionary

Fuck it, I’m too lazy
To treat you with respect
So I’ll stab you in the throat
And rape you when you’re dead
Track Name: Guns don't Kill People, I Kill People
Look at me sideways
I’ll hit you with a train
Eat your torso with some sauce
And tap dance on your brain
Fart in my direction
I’ll rip out your tongue
Use it for fishing bait
And rape your dog for fun

Guns don’t kill people, I kill people! x 4

If you spill my beer
I’ll spill your guts
Fill your empty eye sockets
With cigarette butts
If you scratch my car
I will eat your son
Then your wife will clean my face
After I am done
Track Name: I put my Balls in your Coffee
Fuck! That! Hurt!
I stuck em in boiling water
No wonder my balls are burnt

But it’s totally worth it
To see your stupid face
As you sip your coffee
And chew on my lice

I hope you the sweat
Fresh from off my nuts
If you wanna lose the taste
Your toothbrush’s in my butt

But its totally worth it
To see your stupid smile
And see streaming from your teeth
The blood from my piles